Green Beret Reveals How Anyone Can Triple Accuracy with These 3 Simple Shooting Hacks

Given the dangerous times we live in.. where terrorist attacks, random shootings, violence and brutality have become part of our everyday lives, can you afford to put you and your family’s safety and well-being in the hands of someone who’s only experience is shooting paper targets?

Up until now, you weren’t left with much of a choice.

And the bad guys took advantage of it.

Think about it.

Isn’t it weird that Americans are not feeling safe inside their own house despite admitting to owning at least one gun?

Criminal activity it as an all time peak.

Home-invaders, looters, psychopaths, thugs are roaming the streets freely…

Victim numbers are piling up, and no one seems to do anything about this.

In a short video, battle-hardened Green Beret, Brian Morris reveals how he uncovered new shooting styles and techniques during the multiple combat tours Brian served across the globe. He “stole” a bit of shooting knowledge from everyone.

Brian is a weapons and sniper operations expert, and a Green Beret with over 25 years of military and combat experience.

Now in case you don’t know, the Green Berets are America’s first line of defense around the world.

And although their missions are often confused with those of the SEALs or the Army Rangers, the Green Berets are in a league of their own.

Whether they’re carrying out a quick strike on a terrorist outpost in a Middle-Eastern ghost town, or hunting down terrorist leaders, their presence is felt but never confirmed.

And it takes a lot more than the ability to do hundreds of push-ups to a part of this elite force.

To make it as a Green Beret, you need high intelligence, an outstanding record of prior military service and a tough-as nails attitude.

It’s perhaps why only about 20% of those who sign up for Green Beret training actually get to wear the uniform.

Brian Reveals how his whole shooting process is turned into a natural reflex..

Brian continues to explain his techniques:

  • The “both-lamps-open” doctrine taught and used by Korean Special forces. This procedure shows you how to channel your auto-pilot survival instincts and win a few life saving seconds if caught-off guard in a dangerous situation…
  • Or the down & dirty target drill that can turn even the ultimate greenhorn into an elite shooter almost overnight… this technique alone is a “fail-safe” method for getting pinpoint accuracy, and going from buckshot to bull’s-eye on every shot and never wasting a bullet ever again…
  • Or the technique he “borrowed” from the Israeli Defense Forces – the Instinct Combat Shooting Technique, or simply ICS. And I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Brian even went a step further and enhanced it. That means developing this skill the way he shows it, will feel like it’s actually being downloaded directly into your nerves and muscles in an incredibly short time.

Let me get into a bit more detail about the Instinct Combat Shooting technique.

This procedure is the one the Israeli army bases its advanced marksmanship training program on…

And it’s also the one that sets Israelis apart from all other special forces on the planet.

The ICS method was developed in response to studies showing that when facing a critical situation, a person’s nervous system in automatically engaged.

Perhaps you remember how it was like during your school years, when at an important exam, you suddenly discovered you only had minutes left, and your hands would suddenly start shaking uncontrollably making it almost impossible to put down another word.

So why does this happen?

To put it simply, it’s how we’re designed to react when facing a critical situation.

Our bodies automatically switch to “survival-mode”.

Adrenaline starts pumping.

Heart rate skyrockets to somewhere between 150-175 BPM.

Once this happens, we lose control of our small movements of hands and fingers.

We also experience loss of near and peripheral vision.

And that’s because when we go into “survival-mode”, our brain bypasses every non-essential life function.

And this is exactly when ICS is most effective.

The guiding principle of this technique is to use the natural instincts inherited by every one of us.

Think about it this way:

If you suddenly turned around and saw a thrown rock coming your way, what would you do?

You wouldn’t just freeze on the spot and wait for it to hit you.

You would try to dodge it, right?

Your natural preservation instinct would kick in without you even thinking about it.

ICS tries to accomplish the same.

If you are interested to learn more, check out this video.

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