Google Voice for Android, now with ICS Voicemail Integration

Ever-since Google Voice for Android was launched(that was back in 2009), Visual Voicemails were supported. We had the choice to see all the voice-mails with text transcript and there were options like play on demand that is we could play and listen to them whenever we feel like. But in case of a missed call, it was too tedious to switch between call logs and Voice Apps. This sometimes got us (or me at least) in a situation that we discarded the Voice mails.


And the most recent update news from Google Voice blog is that they’ve updated their Mobile App which would allow us now to view and listen to Voice-mails directly from the Call logs section of your Android phone. There will be a play/listen button alongside the log and you can simply tap it to listen/watch.

What i liked the most is that you can even slow down the playback. This might not look interesting at this moment but if there’s a situation when someone leaves a number to reply back on, you can simply slow down and jot it down easily. Not just this, you can also fast-forward it if in case you don’t feel like listening to a part of it.

  • Google keep amazing its consumers with advanced features. This Application is really very nice and integration will add much value.