Google tops in ‘Repute’ poll, Apple rated 5th


The outcome wasn’t surprising when on Tuesday; ‘Harris Interactive’ revealed the results of the recently conducted poll regarding reputations of major corporations in US. Google was ranked as number 1 in the survey whereas Berkshire Hathaway was dethroned to number 4th in the list. Google was apparently third in the last year’s public opinion poll.

According to Robert Fronk of Harris, “The poll of more than 30,000 people revealed ‘positive momentum’ in how the public views corporations, with opinions overall becoming steadily more favorable since 2009”.

“The only industry that broad brush painting is still occurring is the financial services sector,” Fronk said.

“The public still believes that systemic selfishness, poor decision making and a lack of transparency and honesty are the norm across the category.”

California-based Apple had the fifth-best reputation, followed by Intel, Kraft , Amazon, General Mills and the Walt Disney Company, according to Fronk. The message from the US public was “Do well while doing good”.

Trust, admiration, respect and work ethics were among the key parameters on the assessment sheet of the poll. All in all, the survey revealed a very positive and encouraging trend with all the top 10 companies improving on their position from the last year.