Google Planning to Sell Motorola Set-Top Box Business

Almost all of us knows this that Google had bought out Motorola earlier this year and according to some of the reliable online resources, Google has asked Barclays( the financial firm) to help them out in selling Motorola’s entire Set Top Box business at a cost not less than $2 Billion. They’ve asked Barclays to find them some buyer. This step has been taken after Motorola has decided to lay off 20% of their employees and closed to around 30% of their facilities at more than 90 centres to turn them on the profit side in financial figures.According to finance experts, this step by Google has been seen as a step taken to make Motorola a lean division which could generate them some profit. However it was earlier believed that Motorola’s set top box business was purchased just to strengthen their plan of upcoming Google TV. However after this news, the chances for this to happen are too less.

The reason behind this could be that they are looking forward for a completely different start for Google TV.  The rumours at first predicted that it is handset division for sale to Huawei but later one, it is cleared.
Till date, everything for has been fruitful in terms of deal. Let us see, where it takes them up with this deal.