Google Earth discovers Archaeological sites


Ever since Google Earth has been released, people from varied streams have been using it for discovering wide range of locations and settings and this time around, it has been used to find out archaeological sites.

An Australian archaeologist has claimed that he has unearthed nearly 2000 potentially significant sites in Saudi Arabia using Google Earth. David Kennedy, a professor of classics and ancient history at the University of Western Australia, revealed that with the help of satellite images and graphics from Google Earth, he has zeroed in on 1977 archaeological points, including 1082 teardrop shaped stone tombs in Arab country.

The Archaeologist further added that he has never been to the Saudi Arabia being a sensitive place. He scanned around 1240sqkm in Saudi Arabia using the Google’s software. He could locate as many as 1977 historical destinations from its birds eye view. With the move being a promising one, he is quite hopeful of locating many more settings in the closer regions. He also plans to work and find out more out of the located sites. If at all, the findings are able to reveal further data and information, it would certainly be a big step in the field of Archeological discoveries and research.