Galaxy S4 coming in March 2013- Rumors or Reality

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is well-known to the world. The recent case imposition of $1 billion fine on Samsung and then their way of giving away the fine in hard-cash( yes really hard) has made it even clearer to the world as to how they behave for each other.

The degree of competition between them even got better with Apple launching iPhone5 last week. Though it has received a missed review from Internet with most of the people not fining Steve Jobs effect with it, yet it is awesome in terms of the hardware which they’ve come up with. At present, Samsung is the #1 mobile manufacturer and they’ve already left  behind all other giants including Apple and Nokia. But for Samsung to retain their crown, it is required that they keep on developing devices like Galaxy S, S II and S III plus release them on time to compete in market.

Samsung will be releasing Galaxy S4 in March 2013. Most of the android biggies have already received reports and stats related to it. Yet, the world will surely wait and must be looking forward to see yet another iPhone killer.


  • Due to the release of ‘Siri’ feature in iPhone 4s last year, the expectations of people were very high from iPhone 5 which they were not able to complete. No doubt, Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than iPhone 5, still with the release of S4 they are trying to destroy the brand name of Apple in the Mobile Industry.