Flying cars would soon become a reality

It may sound some what unbelievable yet interesting for some but yes, flying cars would soon be hitting the road in a couple of years time. Currently in the development phase, a US firm Terrafugia has taken the initiative to launch the world’s first flying car.

Reportedly, a hefty sum against the first lot of the vehicle has already been paid by the US defense to the car maker. The car would be more or less like a regular four wheeler humvee on the road but would have the ability to vertically take off like a helicopter. The machine which would be known as the Transformer or TX would have that incredible capability to avoid ground obstruction.

The traveling capacity of the car would be 280 miles via land and air using the landing and vertical take off system. It would also have an automatic transmission using which, it would be able to fly without a pilot. Such needs generally arise when the war forces gear up for special missions which are usually kept secret and underground.

Initially, it would solely be the pride of the US defense personnel that plans to use it in situations like medical evacuation, remote supply and taking forces to battle zones which are otherwise difficult to navigate and access, however there is every chance that once this technical innovation passes its debut test, it would be ready to spread its wings further for the convenience of general masses.