Firefox 16 for Android Released | Share Button and Reader Mode Implemented

The last release of Firefox for Android i.e. Firefox 15 was totally optimized for tablet experience and a new version has arrived in Google play store which is Firefox 16. Let us discuss a bit about the new additions in this version.
Firefox has not been preferred on Android devices as their default browser and Chrome gives user better experience (this is what I think). But Firefox has been trying hard to get into the scene and thus they’ve just released the new version with worth-mentioning features like : Reader Mode and Share Button.

Reader Mode.  This feature allows the Android users to get the main content without getting affected by the annoying Ads on the page. Once the Reader Mode is activated, it allows user to reformat images and read content in a larger font. This gives a better readability experience. The mdoe can be activated right from Awesome bar using the Reader icon.

Share Button. The share button gives user the ease of sharing a webpage or a part of it  just by tapping the Share button. The sharing mode is available for sharing content via email, Bluetooth and SMS.

Some other minor changes done are:

  • For static pages, Fixed text selection has been implemented.
  • CSS3 Animations, Transforms, Gradients etc. has been unprefixed.
  • Support for Opus.
  • Response for Javascript has been readily improved.

Have you tried it out on your Device? If you haven’t, we would strongly recommend you to do so.