Finding criminals gets easier


Wrong doers and people flouting law would require being smarter now. The new software development aims at making it easier for the investigators and tough for the criminals, an attempt that had been tried several times in the past but with little breakthrough.

A team of researchers at the Michigan State University in the US, has developed a new software and some algorithms that can automatically match hand-drawn facial sketches to mug shots stored in police databases. According to one of the team members, ‘artists’ sketches are usually drawn by artists from information obtained from a witness and unfortunately, many a times, these facial sketches are not an accurate depiction of what the person actually looks like.

As of now, there isn’t any abundance of good commercial soft-wares in the market that can be fully trusted upon and the ones that are used, appear to be less accurate than sketches drawn by a trained forensic artist hence the need for a better one was highly desperate for some time.

It would be interesting to see in the coming times as to how much effective this new soft-ware is and to what extent this makes it simpler for the solution finders.