Facebook users in India now over 25 million

In a country that boasts of more than 100 million internet users and holds a position that takes a seat at number 3 in the world for the highest number of online users, technological progression is something which is inevitable, a trend that is foreseeable and not surprising.

The most popular social networking entity in the world, Facebook on Thursday reported that the asian country has now over 25 million Facebook users. The members come from varied fields and age groups and none of the verticals and arrays is untouched. With this, the social site has clearly taken a lead when it comes to other players like Orkut and Twitter viagra tablette.

“Facebook currently has 25 million users in India,” said David Fischer, vice president advertising and global operations, Facebook at an interactive advertising and digital marketing exhibition, Ad-tech, New Delhi.

“We are also looking forward to building strong relationship with India’s strong network of developers and entrepreneurs who are increasingly harnessing Facebook to create unique sharing experiences on the social web,” said the company.

Its not just the people from various domains who are active on Facebook but even the institutions and establishments hailing from different streams are now getting used to the Facebook mode, that is to better govern their operations and robust their CRM procedures.