Facebook tries again for advertising – Users’ data to be used


Talking about the first stint to make money from the advertisers, it was a apparently a failure for the social networking giant, Facebook. In 2007, it rolled out Beacon, which broadcast information on Facebook about users’ activities and purchases elsewhere on the Web without their permission, however it was a complete let down for the entity. Now the site is up with the try again.

As a part of the plan, the site would be using its users’ profile, status updates, messages and other information to help advertisers find exactly who they want to reach out to. For example, women who have put their relationship status to “single” on their Facebook profiles will receive ads from local dating sites and planners when they log in. Hot wheel fanatics would obviously receive offers from leading automobile makers.

With the ‘hobbies’ list holding a huge space, it would actually help various business entities in different domains to catch out on new customers.

According to the Los Angeles Times, some analysis believes that Facebook’s unique trove of consumer behavior could transform it into one of the most powerful marketing tools ever invented. David Fischer , Facebook’s vice president of advertising and global operations, says Facebook delivers ads that are relevant to users’ lives.