Facebook interdicts 20K underage users a day


If it is internet and browsing, it has to be a social networking site for once if not for all the time spent on the PC, such is the addiction that has engulfed all the age groups. Right from a little soul to a 70 year old, the obsession seems to be relentless.

With reports coming in from Australia, in the country alone, around 20,000 underage users are banned by Facebook everyday. About 1/3rd of the overall population visits the site each day making it a huge proportion marking the social site.

The chief privacy adviser of Facebook, Mozelle Thompson, said many Australian children under the age of 13 try to access the site by lying about their age and hence they are left with no other option but to omit them site from the site. The trend is something which has been witnessed for a while now and that is why they are monitoring the situation regularly, with bans being made on a daily basis.

Globally, about seven million children who lie about their age are blocked from the site each year. With the numbers increasing with every passing day, the time is not far when the site would essentially be required to think about an individual platform which can serve as a stage for the underage that can closely mirror the original version.