Express mount up for Facebook


On everyone’s lips, it’s only the stuff about the social media giant Facebook and nothing else. Billions across the globe mark their presence on the most popular site in the world everyday and the numbers only appear to swell in the coming times.

According to an analysis by brokerage firm Wedbush Securities that analyzes the valuations of private companies, Facebook will have a market value of $234 billion by 2015, up from its current valuation of $85 billion.

Wedbush Securities analyst Lou Kerner, who made this guess in a report last week on what he called the ‘Second Internet’, says by 2015 Facebook will earn $11 billion on $22 billion and have a market value of $234 billion.

Although one may see others in the vertical posing some reasonable competition to Facebook, however the entity doesn’t seem to lag behind in any area and remains the first choice for internet users all across the web. Even the company officials wouldn’t have expected such a rapid pace a couple of years back but the truth of the matter is that social networking tops the list of favorite pass time for the online users at present and very clearly it’s Facebook, which understands the fact better than most.fb1