DRUPAL- Comparison with other Content Management System (CMS)

Module 1

3. DRUPAL- Comparison with other Content Management System (CMS)


Drupal scores big over many other CMS options available in the market. These options include: Boonex Dolphin, Plone, WordPress, Joomla, etc. However, none of these offer the wide variety of features which Drupal offers. Following is a brief comparison of Drupal with the other CMS options available today:

  • Flexibility – Drupal definitely beats other CMS hands down when it comes to flexibility. Though many CMS available today offers great website building features, however the Views, Panels and CCK give Drupal that cutting edge over its competitors.
  • Drupal Community – The community of Drupal code developers is a very strong community and largely responsible behind the enormous success of Drupal.
  • Search Engine Friendly– Out of all the CMS options available to a user today, Drupal stands out as the best as it is well-matched to the parameters of a Search Engine.
  • Learning Curve – This is one area in which Drupal perhaps falls behind many other CMS. It is often been a complaint of sorts against Drupal that learning it can be a long exercise but in my view once the initial phase is over working around Drupal becomes much more easier and an enjoyable experience.
  • Modules v/s Extensions – The Drupal library of modules (add-ons) is far robust and larger in comparison to the extensions provided by other CMS.

The above key points of comparisons (though limited to few only) are a clear indicator that it is the end-user who is to benefit after choosing Drupal.