Disavow Links : Will it Help Webmasters & Bloggers

After frequent changes and update of the search algorithm by Google and with good websites and blog suffering due to the kind of outgoing link, Google and Bing has announced the new concept of disavow. It looks good as it is intended to save the efforts of good webmasters and publishers. But the relaity is a bit different. We’ll have a discussion about it below.

Disavow :Click to See!

What is Disavow Link

According to Google, Disavow stands for “Deny any responsibility or support for.” This will be a new attribute type to be considered for outgoing links.

Why is it important

As Google have already announced about it and Bing had already implemented it, it becomes mandatory for the webmasters to use it otherwise they have chance of losing their good rankings. By this kind of link, webmaster would convey to crawlers that we are not responsible for the bad SEO of the page linked to this hyperlink.


Why I doubt about Disavow

I doubt that Disavow will work due to the following reasons:

  • I don’t think they will change their algo for our profits.
  • It is a very new concept and once if get flops, they can even revert back which will cause some problems.
  • Determining whether a given link is bad or good is not an easy task.
  • It can cause people lose money making strategy as link-building pays bloggers the most.

However, I yet see this as a positive step by Google as it shows that they are emphasizing more on getting good ranks for good webmasters rather than getting bad ranks for the counterpart.