Digicams disappeared memory albums


A few years ago, it was among regular leisure times to go down the memory lane, turning over the pages of photo albums and those black and white collages. I wonder how many of us still have those units which are only a couple of years old.

Though the introduction of Digicams has brought about a see change as to how we used to look at photography until some time back, bringing about so much of advancement and expansion in the field, however when it comes to conventional Still Photography, it wont be untrue to say that the world of Digitals has killed the oldest and most beautiful form of motionless film making.

With Digitals providing so many features ranging from basic working characteristics to different modes and functioning capacities, they are undoubtedly here to stay, however with much grief; one would have to say that it has done little for Still Photography. The joy of having a roll of just 36 or 38 prints and that too was flashed very wisely, spending enough time on pose making and style setting is nowhere to be seen. What’s there instead, is a flurry of clicks and clicks whether the posers are smiling or are caught ugly faced. You make it all artificial till your liking and come out with the best but that rests on a worriless approach.

With times changing so very fast, one can surely expect to see an avenue which would revive the lost glory. The glory of a portrait.