Digi dates and ditching


Relentless gratitude to our social networking platforms, Twitter and Facebook are enormously helping towards survey programs and not just in one particular stream, in fact they spread out in all the categories. Take a look to this one which is to ascertain stats for Digital dates and dumping ratios.On the relationships front, things are going way too fast these days, says the data derived from the networking websites. How much time does it take to schedule first date or in other words how many messages are exchanged to generate first face to face meeting? How much time does a couple then take to get into sexual relationship or that hanky panky? Finally, the time to go for that expected break up or a mutual see off? The figures are quite encouraging for all these taxonomies. Nearly 80% of the women and 58% of men out of the total 1200 surveyed admitted that the time gap is too less once it all starts off with a small scrap or a message.

Results when shared publicly and with the participants themselves, the reactions were quite subtle. The outcome of the survey was very much in their knowledge and they were not at all surprised by the same. Most of them were of the view that though things weren’t as positive in terms of events, however as long as it is digital dates and ditching, they care less and rightly so. They have reasons not to care.