Difference in Forward proxy and Reverse proxy

I came across this problem while reading the architecture of TIVOLI Access Management.Well, after discussing a while with people i found the correct difference between Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy and the advantage of using them.

A Forward Proxy acts as a gateway for a client’s browser sending HTTP requests to the internet via Proxy on client’s behalf.What Proxy does in between is It protects the internal network by showing its own IP address instead of client’s.The outside HTTP server treats the requst as arriving from proxy server rather than client.

Advantages of Forward Proxy:

1) It Improves performance as it saves the results of all requests for a certain amount of time

2) It is also used to filter acces.

A Reverse Proxy is a gateway to an HTTP server rceiving requests from the client and behaving as a final IP address for requests arriving from outside network.For a client the reverse proxy is the actual HTTP server.It enables controlled access from the web to servers behind it.

Advantage of a Reverse Proxy:

1) It allows us to have a single point of control over who can access what server.

2) Th echanges in the host names can be easily replaced.

3) single-sign on can be provided to clients for different applications running over different servers but having a reverse proxy server same.

4) The backend databases that server HTTP server requests remain hidden to the outside world.