Daily dose of IT endowments


Wonder what’s all of us encounter or take a sip of everyday. It’s one out of a few IT contributions which has made it large and essential for the masses in the recent times.
More specifically, we are talking about a Google search, time spent on an iPad or an iPhone, Windows 7 toolbar usage or a friend search on Facebook.

Apparently, it looks like that some of the handful entities, be it in a non living form or a human shade are affecting our day to day lives to a great extent. When talking on an iPhone, Steve Jobs strikes the mind, Bill Gates hits on while using Windows 7, Larry Page disturbs most of us when ever there is something to be searched using Google engine and finally while we celebrate and feel ecstatic after finding a good old pal on Facebook, we pay tribute to Marc Zuckerberg for the wonderful platform he is responsible for. The process is not just interesting to be a part of but also holds the capacity of creating daily novelties.

Sometimes, it feels, perhaps we are getting too much reliant on these special IT endowments and in the near future it would be even more difficult to get out of it but one thing is for sure, the technical offerings have formed a reason to start the day afresh with something specific in mind and that is what is making it all interesting.