Create 3 column layout in Ebizon Redfire

Ebizon Redfire is an elegant single column theme for Drupal 6. . In this article I will show how we can customize nad make it a three column theme

Its very simple and for that we will need to make changes to our page.tpl.php and style.css.

Changing Page.tpl.php
Look for following text in the page.tpl file

<?php print $content;?>

This is the main content are. We will paste our left block above this region. Use the following code

<?php print $left;?>

Changing Style.css
Now that we have our left block, next we need to style it.

For that we will make 2 changes in the style.css

  • Increase the width of our layout from 820px to 960px.
  • Add these style rules to the css file.


That’s it… our theme is now capable to supporting 3 column layout.