Confessions on iPhone… Does it hold equal sanctity?


Lately, we heard a news spreading out which was about an iPhone application that was meant to be used for making confessions. Though interesting, however had a lot of question marks and was strong enough to create a number of debate forums all across in the west.

With varied exciting apps coming out of late, specifically for iPhone, the trend has made people quite anxious and hungry for more and more interesting ideas which are iPhone compatible and can serve them with their needs and fulfill their bizarre notions.

Though the Catholic bishops have approved this application that walks the faithful through the confession process, however they must consult a priest for absolution. The app is called “Confession,” an improvement on the original name, “A Priest in Your Pocket.” The developing firm added “The app is not designed to replace going to confession but to help Catholics through the act, which generally involves admitting sins to a priest in a confessional booth. Catholics still must go to a priest for absolution.”

The question for most of us who are still unconvinced with the idea is whether making a confession via help of technology holds equal sanctity like it is doing it in a church following the customary steps. Will it not persuade people to tweak the process as per their wishes or what’s the surety if they would finally like consulting the priest for absolution? The supporting strata may have their justifications for the same but the debate will still be there.

One wonders what’s more technology has to offer to create more platforms where people can stand and contend in the coming times.