Cellphone based social network to challenge Facebook and others


Facebook and other social networking sites may soon have to work out on a strategy to combat cellphone based social communications providers. Bill Nguyen, the big entrepreneur who sold his last company to Apple in 2009, is launching a new cellphone-based social network which aims to challenge Facebook’s dominance in social networking beyond the personal computer.

Color is a free smartphone-based application on iPhones and Android devices which lets people in close proximity capture and share their photos, videos and text simultaneously to multiple phones in real time. It would be a free service with no username and passwords. In fact the company would focus on advertising and location based marketing services for generating revenues.

“This transition to post-PC world is going to be a huge fundamental shift,” said Nguyen. “We’re sharing more and more information in realtime.”

“People are starting to realize with devices like the iPhone that you can do things on a social network you could never do before on a PC,” said Bain Capital Ventures Mike Krupka.

With such alternatives coming up for social communication, the masses would definitely be enjoying greater dynamism in both their professional and personal regimes in the times to come.