Brainport device to help the Blind see

The news sounds quite promising for the blind as they may well be able to see again using a device. The brainport tool, that has made it all possible works pretty smartly. The device involves a camera mounted on a pair of glasses being connected to a sensor on the patient’s tongue, which then sends signals from the camera to the brain, bypassing the user’s damaged eyesight.

The device has already changed the lives of a bunch of people who are now giving it a push by actively participating in its trial. These accident met people can now read words, identify shapes and walk without an aide.

A camera attached to the glasses captures a moving image. The device transfers the image via a cable to a lollipop attachment on the tongue. Electrodes tingle on the tongue to reflect the image with darker areas creating stronger pulses.

The people who’ve already been using the device are highly optimistic of the device clearing all the trials. They are ecstatic at seeing their lives rejuvenated. Merely a thought of being able to lead a regular life again is enough for them to keep up the confidence which until now appeared bleak.