Bowser bugs – helping e-Commerce sites/Ad firms

The practice of online hacking of confidential and personal data is not new to the cyber world. Events which may not look as acute as hacking are equally profitable for those who’ve been driving the illegitimate exercise on the internet over the years.

Recently, a group of internet researchers at the University of California revealed that numerous sites, mainly into e-Commerce and advertising have been secretly capturing and fiddling with the privacy of the internet users. This especially was being referred to the practice of tracking the users’ whereabouts on the web, by piercing their flawed browsers. They tend to gather the addresses of the web pages and specific sections the users visit during their online sessions. Using this information, such entities can easily alter their strategies by pre-understanding the objectives and needs of the users.

The catching of the information and other relevant data secretly is usually known as ‘History sniffing’ which happens commonly through the interaction of the browsers with the visited websites.

The unlawful cyber practice, although is well known to the masses, however the study that unleashed the names of 46 such websites and portals makes up for some concrete evidence which may well push the web community to put in place some preventive measures for the same in the near future.