Bizarre HR practices


While these days, when you walk in for an interview and you have this factor in your resume that you have been out of work for about a good six months for what ever reasons, the chances itself become bleak that the HR person would show up a good HR policy or talk sense.

This wasn’t the case when Steve Jobs of Apple was away from work for good 8 months for the reason that he was suffering from severe stomach ailment. For a regular employee or one may call him as a real resource, such a long leave is not entertained and employees are often asked to leave. But the former case is different. Is the reason being the fact that he belongs to strata that defines or holds the power to form the HR group and company practices and if yes, are such top levels not required to adhere to the global company norms?

The question seems to be a little complicated with too many HR experts these days carrying too many opinions on the same, however the point is what should be accepted and what is not correct. Usually, the companies feel that a gap in a profile’s resume takes him a little back as one tends to fall back with the current knowledge and trends in the market. Others are integrity issue or dubious cases due to which the profile stays unemployed for a while.

With all said and done over the years, the time is now to alter things or rather don’t call your youngest workforce as your asset. That would be phony.