Biggest cricketing affair confides in technology like never before


Eight cameras a couple of decades back and now over 20 but it isn’t something astonishing even for the game of cricket. The pace at which technology was catching up things in just about every sphere, the streams of sports and gaming weren’t any different and there wasn’t any reason not to respond to the revolution.

Globally popular sports and games were already relying on technology for a considerable period of time, however the game of cricket which apparently is not as popular worldwide and is played internationally by only some 20 countries has now been showing interest in technical aides substantially. The simple reason is the amount of improvement which the game has seen of late by the use of various technical applications.

The biggest cricketing extravaganza, Cricket World Cup 2011, which is currently taking place in India, is an event to watch, especially for all the cricket fanatics who have been following the game for years now. It would only take one innings for them and they would be able to decipher the progression the game has made. All the squares have seen improvement by leaps and bounds. Be it the system of Hawk eye or snicko or some other, all of them have been contributing immensely to the sport.

What’s there to be seen is the next code which would help another area to graduate in the day-long exercise.