Bad but Good Viruses


Usually it’s a mere mention of a virus that causes tremor among those people who are vastly dependent on technical gadgets or products in their day to day lives and rightly so. It’s a small meeting to begin with and ends up in all ruin.

A team of researchers at the university of Delhi, computer science department analyzed the general tendency of such strata and co-relation with in the process. They came with a study that generally people are aware that there are enough anti viruses programs and applications which are flooding the markets these days for every possible platform, yet people tend to slack down and go for basic remedy or in the worst case scenario, only go for it when they actually get attacked.

Their logic was that virus attack these days is acting more of a blessing in disguise these days which in a way is making people more active towards getting their gadgets and important data shield and secure. The way we are moving ahead with technology at such a great pace, it would be an imperative matter and such malicious pieces of codes would actually help us today to deal with them in the future.