Apple or Samsung: The Battle Continues

The second quarter of the financial year 2012 has proved out to be a fruitful one foe the Mobile phone manufacturers. There were more 154 million Smartphones which were sold during this quarter and the battle between Apple and Samsung continues as they are trying hard to surpass each other in one form or other.

In Q2, in terms of the number of smartphones sold, Samsung sold more than 50 million smartphones which is almost double to Apple’s count of 26 million. While Samsung’s shipping increased to almost double of the last quarter, Apple’s shipping was less than last two quarters.

Apple vs Samsung

While, in terms of profit, Apple was way to over Samsung due to the fact that their profit margin on iPhone and iPad is quite large. So, this could give them a bit of ease. However, Samsung is going to become the leader soon.

In terms of the number of devices sold, Samsung is first company to reach the 50 million mark in a single quarter. However, Apple is expected to get a big response in the coming quarter as iPhone5 will be released. Also in the tablet market, Apple’s reign continue as they have a overall share of more than 68% followed by Samsung with a share of 9.6 %.

All in all, the battle between the two continues in the Smartphone market. However, according to me Apple is currently on a higher node in comparison to Samsung.