Is Apple overlooking the strong Indian market?


A time when India’s strong tech savvy population is multiplying at a massive pace, some of the major global IT giants have apparently failed to notice the fact. This is specifically being referred to Apple Inc.’s response towards one of the fastest developing markets in the world that boasts of an increasingly wealthy, young population hungry for information, entertainment and the latest craze in consumer culture.The original iPad eventually arrived in India, a country of 1.18 billion people, a full nine months after it was available in the United States and the entity hasn’t released any date for the launch of iPad 2 in the country yet. The iPad 2 hit the shops in the US on March 11 having been unveiled by Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, and it will be released in dozens of other countries including Britain, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand on March 25.Popular tech blogger Soumyadip Choudhury targeted Jobs, accusing him of using India as a dumping ground for out-of-date Apple technology. “Is India, for Apple, only a market where you can hold your clearance sale, just before you are ready with the product’s next generation?” he wrote in his blog, addressing Jobs directly. “You officially began selling your blockbuster tablet device (the original iPad) in India exactly 30 days before announcing the new one (iPad 2),” Choudhury said.

The reason could be anything from a deliberate or a one which is unable to see the enormous potential floating in a market like India, however one thing is for sure that the company seriously needs to review if the experts on board are effectively visualizing the growing global IT trends.