How to Use Android Phone as WiFi HotSpot

Android as an operating system is one of the best for smartphones and tablets. The feature of getting Apps from Google Play for almost everything makes it even better and user-friendly. Android offers a lot of possibilities which are sometimes beyond the scope of thinking of an ordinary person.

This is yet another utility of the same kind which allows you to use your Android powered phone as WiFi hotspot. This works on the following phenomenon:
  1. You get internet connectivity on your android phone (can be through 2G internet or 3G).
  2. You install an App(Barnacle WiFi Tether) on it and start it.
  3. You can now use your Android phone as Wi-Fi HotSpot.
For Eg: You can use your Samsung Galaxy S3 (or any other phone with Android) to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. This will actually help you in saving some money in buying a Wi-Fi HotSpot.
Now here is the complete procedure:
  1. Make sure that you have a rooted Android smartphone.
  2. Download Barnacle WiFi Tether App from here.
  3. Once installed, Open/launch the App.
  4. Now from the main screen, just press the Start Button to start your own WiFi HotSpot.
  5. After you start, it would ask all permission etc for SuperUser.

With this, you are done. If you want to change some settings such as SSID, WEP Key etc., then you can make use of setting option available in the app itself. I’ve personally tried this App on HTC Wildfire S and hence I would recommend it.

  • hey nice post and thanks now i will apply this trick via my android smartphone…:)

    • Thanks for the appreciation. Keep reading to get more tricks.

  • nikunj

    sir nice info english is not verywell but i sy something u, i take more info about this wifi tethering software from u,
    once we install this soft in adroid rooted phone and then we running it now it shows “connected to NAT” & “running..” now what meanings that and how to configure other device(tablet,laptop) what type of setting can make in it and pls sir explain two side process,oneside the rooted android phone and other side laptop which type of setting can make in my laptop to access internet via this software…pls sir give me a reply..