Android phone users – worry not, Virus isn’t threatening

Certainly not a matter of concern as the US cyber security experts have ruled out the acuteness of the virus which is reportedly attacking phones bearing Google’s Android operating system. This has affected mainly the users in China.

Though it holds the capacity of enabling a hacker to barge into the gadget’s personal data and important files, however, it’s not termed as severe if the users take enough precautions while connecting to the web or using online services.

The virus which has been termed as ‘Geimini’, can actually pass on significant amount of data to remote servers pulling from the Android based devices. Once it is installed, it can give the device control to the person hosting the remote server. Interestingly, the malicious virus has been termed as sophisticated but only due to the fact that the reason behind the emergence of the virus has not been made out yet. It’s not the gravity of the mal-ware which is giving a headache to the experts otherwise.

One cant really define the magnitude of a virus disaster unless it actually hits the system, however in this case, only specific users are likely to be affected, especially the ones on the brink of downloading Android apps from China.