Android to Grab 70% Worldwide Mobile Market

For many of us might be waiting for the release of iPhone 5 by the end of this year, but the news at present which has been on the buzz in the Mobile Market is that Android OS is expected to grab a threatening 70% Mobile Market Share at Global level.

According to a very reliable resource(Lin), the competition in the Mobile Os market is expected to go this way for now and will be dominated by Android-based devices for the rest of the year. At the end of Q2 of 2012, Android was already leading with around 60% share of the global smartphone market and the analytics firm has expected them to surpass the psychological mark of 70%. This is mainly due to the reason that the Android based Second-tier manufacturers from China have performed extremely well.

The main reason behind Androids success are:

  • Android is open-source (Free to use and modify).
  • It is designed on Linux based kernels.
  • Developers have keen interest in working with Android and making new Apps.
  • Rich AppStore (Google play) has also contributed to it.
  • Google’s name with it has helped it touching Sky.

I am a proud Android User.. What about you?