Alibaba’s Aliyun OS : Competition for Android !

China and India are the largest mobile market of the World. China alone have more than 1 billion users and with smartphones being launched everyday, their share in the market is increasing with a very rapid rate. But with Google not present in the Chinese market, there is always an absence of Android felt in Chinese market as officially, its difficult to get Android powered Smartphone here. So Alibaba has given users a choice in the form of  Aliyun OS which in some aspects in more powerful than Android.

The Chief strategy officer Zeng Ming (Alibaba) thinks that Aliyun OS is linux based and it is expected to grow as good as Android and is gaining a lot of popularity in China. Haier Electronics and Beijing Tianyu have already joined them and are ready with phone powered by Aliyun OS.

Though Android is present in China but with Google Services being absent, it is nothing more than a piece of plastic which only allows you to make call and SMS. You cannot even use email service on Android in China.

Aliyun OS is getting great response in China and is expected to hit India and other countries in South Asia market soon.