Airtel Launches SmartDrive Voice Based – Real Time Navigation App

India’s largest Mobile Service Provider Bharti Airtel has always been great in terms of Customer Service and this time, they’ve taken yet another step toward innovation and have launched their own Navigation Service App named Smart Drive. While, there are many a people who might not like to shift from Google Maps and Navigation System which comes pre-installed in most of the Cellphones, there are many a reason why this App could be a potential Hit…Just like all other Navigation Apps, it also makes use of GPS of your Device for getting location and GPRS/EDGE connection for getting Maps from Internet. This App comes with inbuilt Voice Navigation which helps in turn by turn navigation. I even liked its interface as it had buttons instead of Links. Also the way the map moves while we move is better than Google Navigation. However, some of the features of the App also depends on the GPS Connectivity and strength available.

It also indicates the level of Traffic available at the moment with Red/Yellow and Green Lines over Road signifying High/Modest and Low Traffic respectively.


The App is available for free to download but is limited only to search and view maps and you only need to pay for your GPRS plan. However for Navigation and Live Traffic, the cost is:

Daily pack – Rs/10 per day
Monthly pack – Rs. 99 per month

Live traffic
Daily pack – Rs.3/day
Monthly pack – Rs.49 per month

With the price set for Traffic Updates, it is worth trying

  • Google is the best one for navigation purposes.This is the first time I’m hearing about this app from Airtel.Well,let me try it.Thanks for your post Ankit.

  • I prefer Google Maps for Navigation however, I’ll surely give a try to this Airtel App for Navigation specially the Traffic feature.