Acer readies to take on Apple, HTC


For the Taiwanese computer maker, Acer, it would be one of the strongest challenges to come out in the middle carrying the all new objective of targeting the Apple and HTC products.

With the news of the company’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci stepping down from the post, the company gears up for a fresh business strategy which was earlier revolving around a one off competition to Hewlett-Packard. Apparently, Acer tried its every bit to be the world’s largest laptop maker by outselling Hewlett-Packard.

“The company plans to name a new president this month and Acer is seeking to be a leading player in smartphones and tablets”. The Chief Financial Officer of the enterprise, Tu Che-min, said in an interview. “As Acer reels from its worst weekly stock plunge in almost a decade, the board faces the challenge of finding a leader able to reinvent the company into a developer of products that can challenge Apple and HTC from being a volume-driven maker of commoditized computers. The shift in strategy means spending on research and development will increase.” Tu further added.

“For Acer, and other PC makers in general, the way to create value is to innovate and find new markets and opportunities, and that’s a big challenge,” said Simon Ye, an analyst at research company Gartner in Shanghai. “Acer’s problem is that it is commonly perceived as a brand that competes on price, and that doesn’t help profitability.”

Given a policy based on a complex platform all this while, only time will tell if Acer would eventually be able to focus differently, especially with new people ideas on board.