Shoutability has just begun with its journey. We started it on June 13,2012 with the aim of provinding high quality-content to users on difficult topics in a simple language. At shoutability, my main aim is only to provide information to my readers and other motives such as making money, getting recognised etc. are my second priority.

Also, I have a very special reason behind blogging. Not now, but I will post it here itself once I achieve it.

About the Author

Ankit is a Software Engineer by profession. He has just completed his Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech.) under Computer Science Stream. He is presently working with FiServ. India (Global Leader in Banking Software Development).

He works in day and blogs at night because he is crazy about blogging.

Here are a few words from him:

In the world of blogging today, there is always something or the other which is yet undiscovered and is yet too new to be learned. I always aim at blogging for the people 🙂


Contact Info

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