Usage of plugins for almost everything is what makes WordPress superior than other CMS. There are numerous plugin which makes Blogger’s life easier and specially for those who don’t have an idea about coding. But only a few of us knows that if you uses many plugins, it would have an adverse effect on the pageload [...]

best cannon vlogging camera

If you're vlogging for fun you can probably get away with a simple point-and-shoot camera mounted on a sturdy tripod, but you still want to make sure it's high quality. Canon is one of the most highly respected camera companies, known for their line of DSLRs and high quality camcorders. But running out and buying [...]


When running a business in the ‘Information Age’, it is virtually impossible to do so without using one form of Information Technology. The proliferation of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets has made it even more desirable for businesses to develop mobile applications that would meet the demands of their customers, in terms of getting [...]


Education and Training have never been simpler and effectual in the past. The introduction of Learning Management Systems has not just enhanced the entire experience of Learning; however it has also ensured better accessibility and focus, across diverse age groups and professions. Be it defining your course ware or designing your training programs, A Learning [...]


Even though we have a concerning eye on market extremities, most of us at most times are concerned about the fact that our businesses should do well combating all adversities. Having ample funds & defining great strategies hold no worth if they are not accompanied by an effectual execution. You website expresses your business and [...]


Your website can achieve immense success only when people visit it. Having one of the best websites won’t be good enough if there’s no one reading it. Attracting traffic is easier said than done, but definitely not impossible. Let’s look at the mistakes that can cost you readers and which all practices will attract them. [...]


Whether you made your site from the beginning on wordpress or joined the party through migration to wordpress from other Content Management Systems, you can't do without having no less than one plugin to give your site some assistance. These small applications offer your site or blog a variety of capacities including security from vandals, [...]

HP 15-ac101TU Review

HP 15-ac101TU is the first laptop arrive with windows 10. It is a budget providing from HP made for the people finding for a common purpose computer as it comes under the best and affordable laptops. For a laptop at an affordable price, it appears actually good. We got the turbo silver variant, there are [...]