Looking at the growing popularity and enormous business potential Groupon carries, the social networking giant, Facebook, intends to launch a ‘deals program’. The same is expected to be launched on Tuesday, starting with five cities in the United States. The group-couponing services have become some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world in the [...]

After an opening that has been termed as ‘Big’ by the industry experts, Blackberry now ropes in Verizon and AT&T to further surge the sales of its latest Tablet. On the very first day itself, the entity sold around 50K units of PlayBook. The aforementioned mobile service providers in the US and Canada serve not [...]

Before the launch on 19th April, it appears to be a serious dent to the hopes of millions across the world who were eagerly waiting for the PlayBook, the much awaited tablet from the Blackberry maker, Research in Motion (RIM), when the recent review published in the New York Times called the product as ‘Half [...]

    The latest piece of news has given a sigh of relief to Individual blackberry users in UAE. Of late, it was reported that the country would stop individuals and small businesses from accessing the most private data services offered by BlackBerry, however the posture has been changed and the United Arab Emirates' telecommunications [...]

Now you don’t need to go anywhere if you are socially active on Facebook. Flick lovers would only require surfing the site pages and they would be able to rent or purchase one. Popular Film Studio ‘Warner Brothers’ recently announced that starting Wednesday, it would begin offering movies for rental or purchase on Facebook. The [...]

Smartphone users in Britain who are highly addicted to their gadgets for Internet access mainly would soon be able to enjoy the online services at far better speeds. In the times to come, Mobile phone networks in Britain will be able to provide internet speeds up to 16 times faster than the current technologies after [...]

Wrong doers and people flouting law would require being smarter now. The new software development aims at making it easier for the investigators and tough for the criminals, an attempt that had been tried several times in the past but with little breakthrough. A team of researchers at the Michigan State University in the US, [...]

News of the day is that Google Inc. is now planning to buy the U.S. wireless chip technology entity, InterDigital, that is with the view to enhance its patent collection. The piece of information is indisputably interesting as the flurry of attractive compositions keep flowing in with every alternative day. InterDigital apparently has a market [...]