The Android is an operating system. It is currently the most widely used operating system on mobile devices. The big competitors are the iOS which is what you find on Apple products. Then there is the Android, and there is Windows. Windows may be found on third party devices, but it is mostly found on [...]


Not all sites owned by one customer will be located in one geographical site. At one point in time, it becomes necessary to connect all these sites and that's where MPLS VPN becomes important. MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching while VPN stands for virtual Private Network. The different internet providers are able to provide [...]


Importance of web conferencing is now acclaimed world over. It has served as a really good tool for conducting corporate training sessions, interacting with business stakeholders without any geographical constraints and educating customers about your firm’s products and benefits. Companies are increasingly using solutions such as GoToMeeting so as to instantly connect with their target [...]


China and India are the largest mobile market of the World. China alone have more than 1 billion users and with smartphones being launched everyday, their share in the market is increasing with a very rapid rate. But with Google not present in the Chinese market, there is always an absence of Android felt in Chinese market as officially, its difficult to get [...]

Many people are facing problems of sluggish, outdated Android devices and they really want to speed up their Android devices. While using smart Android Platform, the unexpected lags will definitely irritate people so in this article we going to give some awesome tips to speed up your Android phone both for rooted and non-rooted device. [...]


It was not much ago, that most of the laptops available in the market were nothing more than big black plastic boxes. And then Apple took the initiative to renovate with the idea of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. This led to a competition in the market under which companies tried to focus on the size and looks as [...]

Holiday seasons can be a great time to cash in with email marketing.  For most major holidays (especially Christmas) people are typically in buying mode and will often jump on a great deal.  As such, as a business owner, it’s important to have an offer for them.  By utilizing holiday email marketing, you’ll be able [...]


It seems that no matter where you look these days everyone is trying to offer you a deal. You only need to flick through a magazine or turn on the TV and you will see constant advertisements offering you the fastest or the cheapest or the biggest for much less than the leading competitor. This [...]